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Hi Shazza
Thanks for your full answer. Can I prevail on you for one more question. Everything I read about POM makes the place sound like a war zone ie the high level of concern around personal and property security. How much crime is actually directed at immigrants and expats? Are white women a target for raskols? Evert country (including New Zealand) has its risks and violent crime is an everyday occurrence here but of course we blend right in with everybody else. I'm nervous about taking my wife to a place where I'll always be worrying about her safety if she is a target. As you suggest, life is much richer if you are accepted by the local community. We lived in Thailand for a few years, travelled freely and learned the language. So no worries on that score. I visited PNG exactly 20 years ago for 2 weeks. I found it quite lovely despite the obvious social problems and disparities and as you say, in the main, the local people were very friendly and open with me so I was never afraid as such. A frank answer from you regarding your opinion on the safety question would really be appreciated by many visitors to this site, not just me I think.
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