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Star Trek Continues


Lolani is the second episode of the Star Trek fan series Star Trek Continues.
Guest stars Erin Gray who got to keep her surname here as Commodore Gray and Fiona Vroom as Lolani.
Lolani is the name of an Orion slave girl who came onboard the Enterprise after escaping from her owner.
Lolani is a powerful episode as the episode title character states her case for the freedom of her fellow slave girl.
Fiona Vroom provides a magnificent performance as Lolani which has been complemented well by Captain Kirkís disgust on the Federationís unwillingness to help her and Michele Specht as the sympathetic Dr Elise McKennah.
Quite a tragedy on the decision that Lolani made at the end but does not make it any less powerful by the message the episode conveyed.
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