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tpng redux

hi wendy. i'm afraid you do sound a bit preachy although that's a tendency that often goes hand in glove with middle aged women. i didn't make myself clear. it wasn't that i consider myself a failure - a no-hoper as aussies used to say - and feel sorry for myself. i don't at all. i returned to the uk, moved to the usa, made some money, met a wonderful girl, got married and today have a happy marriage and three kids. without wanting to sound conceited, i'd like to think i've succeeded at most of the things that were important to me. it's just that the mention of tpng reminds me of that nagging black-hole in my life. i mean, it was great fun, and i think i learned to get on with my fellow man, which is an asset that i've always made use of. but when reminded of it i think, wheesh, wasting those five years marking time, when i could have used them to do something more....what's the word?...useful. anyway, i didn't mean to disparage your homeland and apologise if i somehow gave that impression. just as eskimos gaze at frozen wasteland, or bushmen scan the kalahari...and think "no place like home"...i understand your affection for the territory and the memories it hold for you. i used the adjective bittersweet to describe my experience. certainly more sweet than bitter. in fact, no bitterness at all. jaundiced is perhaps a better word. in anycase, my role in your website is over. go well and happy retrospects.
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