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Originally Posted by thornton
wow. just surfed onto this site. talk about bittersweet memories. my dad was a chopper pilot for crowleys in 1966. i had just finished school in uk and went out for a year with my parents and 2 siblings. couldn't resist the opportunity. we lived on boundary road, the other side of eric woos. after a year my family went back to uk but i remained. a decision i've always regretted. i earned very good money, had a job with comworks and lived in the hostel on huon road, a few rackets on the side, ended up working on the copper mine at bougainville again in hostels, all found, all money earned just pocket money. for five years in a very formative part of my life i lived mostly with alcoholics, played cards, boozed too much in comworks club, lae club, rsl, ansett club, etc, etc. hardly spoke to a girl the whole time, they were so thin on the ground. finally got a grip of myself by age 22 and returned to uk and sort of picked up on normal life, but all my schoolfriends were by now doctors or lawyers. of course, my travels were seen as romantic, but i've forever wondered what i'd have made of myself if i'd stayed away from the territory!!
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Hi Thornton,

What can I say? I guess growing up in PNG was a whole different experience from just "arriving" there, and it's true that a lot of boozing went on at those clubs :-) I don't think you really wanted to be a lawyer, like your friends, though, or you'd have done it - 22 isn't too old to start studying. My daughter left school at 15 at Junior level because she was bored, trained as a legal stenographer, then a paralegal, then after a few years of partying did her law degree part-time for six years while working, and graduated with first class honours. She, too, did a lot of drinking along the way - if you think people drank a lot in PNG you should see young Brisbane lawyers in action! Happily, she eventually found a great guy - a non-drinker, incidentally, though not a wowser, and they were married 12 months after meeting. I don't mean to sound preachy; I didn't live up to my early potential either, education-wise, but have come to realize it was because the desire just wasn't strong enough. Success isn't necessarily about money and fame, though. If you can pay your own way through life however you do it, and manage not to hurt too many other people along the way, then you ARE a success.

Cheers, Wendy
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