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However, any person involved with the aquatic environment must be realistic and aware that accidents and incidents can happen. Hopefully with the visual aids, information, appraisals and advice contained in this book, the prospect of harmful encounters will be minimised.

After 35 years and over 12,000 logged dives experiencing and experimenting with dangerous, venomous and poisonous animals across the oceans of the world from the Seychelles to the British West Indies; from Japan down to Tasmania, Neville Coleman remains virtually unscathed. This was not achieved out of any attempt at bravado, but with a thorough understanding and a great deal of respect for the aquatic environment and its inhabitants, despite the overwhelming sense of his own fragility.

The information on the preceding pages and the photographs of marine life you may encounter around Papua New Guinea are only a small sample of the information contained in the book.

Dangerous Sea Creatures is a must for all boat owners and any others who spend time around the coast or in the water. The aquatic survival guide can be purchased from the publisher/writer - Neville Coleman


Email : Neville Coleman's World of Water -
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