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Originally Posted by KimbaLuna View Post
Hi Kelli, are you related to the Chang's as well. I was a very good friend of Trudy Chang (we have drifted since she got married and had children). Her parents owned the Red Rose restaurant when I was a kid growing up. I was born in '67 so you are a little younger than me. I too left Lae in 1981.

My dad used to work at the Lae Biscuit factory as it was owned by Moreby bakery and my dad was a pastry chef at first and then manager for 16 years before buying Lae Photography in 4th street.

I also remember Lae International Primary School. It was called Coronation Street Primary School and then they changed it to Lae International.

I had Mrs McIntyre as well! Ahhh what great memories ... thanks :0) Heidi
Hey Heidi,
small world I lived in 9th st. around that time and my father was working for Morobe Busicuits...

Mike Lugton...Im prety sure Trudy was in my year at Bulae
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