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Hi trish

had a look at your website last night (duh, jim - it was in your profile). it looks pretty good already. there's definitely a family resemblance between soliens there and darwin soliens.

my final year at murray was with mrs stubberfield. in 1974 i was packed off to all souls at charters towers before we all moved to darwin. david was stlll at murray in 1974 though for first term.

it all got confused because when we got to darwin they made me do another final year at primary school - year 7.

i don't remember ernie, but he was in my grade. i'm lousy with names but faces are familiar. some of the faces in the '73 class photo are hauntingly familiar. your earlier photo showing the elevated classroom in the background brings back many memories also. remember sports day where we went marching down to the murray barracks oval near taurama corner? going to support the south pacific games at sir hubert murray stadium?

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