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Vital links developed, power supply lacking

THE existing road network in the Kokopo district is under the responsibility of the three levels of government -national, provincial and LLG.

The existing provincial roads in the district totals 213.07km, of which there are 173.65km unsealed sections and 39.42km sealed sections. There are a total length of 48.1km unsealed access and feeder roads in all four LLGs in the district.

There are two usable landing strips in the district. Rakanada in the Duke of York Islands that is currently in use but is in need of maintenance. It is owned by the Catholic mission.

There are six wharves and jetties in the district. Duke of York has two wharves, Kokopo has one jetty and one wharf, Raluana has two jetties. The upgrading of Kabakaul wharf will be a bonus for the district and province as a whole.

With the current rate of development in Kokopo, the town will require more power supply within the next five years. Not only Kokopo town but the rural areas in the three local level governments on the mainland especially need power supply.
A lot of rural dwellers now have permanent dwellings that need electricity. Only those areas with main power lines running through have access to electricity.

A total of 30km of distance through villages have been proposed for rural electrification. Some areas Elcom has started running lines through the total cost for the 30km when complete would be around K492,000.

The major form of communication is radio through the ENB Radio Station.

Telephone has been limited to the urban centers but rural telephone program by Telikom has been extended to few households in the rural areas.

Mobile/two-way radios have been the helpful communications medium by our provincial administration and companies as well. But as more development takes place in Kokopo district, more and more people will acquire telephones for efficient living.
Almost all rural dwellers in Kokopo district rely on rain water as their source of water. People buy tanks and drums to store water. The LLG recently started to supply water tanks to villages to be used a community water tanks.

A total 39 tanks have been distributed by the four LLG. Shallow wells are also sources of water for people especially villages along the coast.

A total of 17 water wells fitted with pumps have been built in the district. European Union and Health have been sponsoring some of these water pumps.

Generally, transport is a catalyst to overall economic development, with good road network and good sea transport to outer islands.

The district has advanced a lot in many areas of development. Transport as an economic sector also demands closer analysis for improvement in development.

It has given an opportunity to the local people to participate as a business activity through operations as public transport service. Transport sector in the district accounts for 25.78 per cent.

The travelling public are well served by PMV buses and PHVs . The most popular and perhaps the most convenient type of public transport is the 15-seater PMV seater business.

These PMV have served the public through the routine system introduced by the Provincial Land Transport and Small Craft Board, before the volcanic eruptions. PMV and boat fares are also controlled by the Board.

Small crafts continue to provide a reliable mode of transportation for the Duke of York islanders. Their travel between Kokopo town and the islands depends entirely on the availability of motorised dinghies which are owned by ordinary villagers.
Like the PMV operations the travelling public pay for the service provided.
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