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Remembrance of the Daleks:
The DVD info text for Part 3 stated that the series never really shown what was inside a Dalek. The info text of the Special Edition of Remembrance of the Daleks included in the Davros Collection is a straight copy of the text from the story’s previous DVD release in 2001. The Davros Collection was released in late 2007 which meant that statement of the series never showing the inside of a Dalek is outdated as the inside of a Dalek was shown in the 2005 episode Dalek.
With the mention of Bernard Quatermass in this story the info text mentioned four Quatermass serials. If the info text had been updated for the Special Edition the writer would no doubt had mentioned the 2005 remake of The Quatermass Experiment and mentioned that included in its cast was David Tennant. The basis of David Tennant getting a mention in an updated version of the notes is due to the fact that at the beginning of the notes it did mentioned Remembrance of the Daleks director Andrew Morgan had directed Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker in non-Who related productions. Since Troughton and Baker got mentioned being in non-Who related productions because of Andrew Morgan then surely David Tennant could have gotten a mention because of a non-Who related production in Quatermass.
What differentiates the Special Edition from the previous version is due to newly made special features. If one was able to find time to make new materials for the Special Edition one has to wonder why no time at all was spent in updating the info text.
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