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Request If I Can Use Hagan Man's Pic On My Powerpoint Presentation Pls?

Hello there!

No doubt you people will be hearing from me every now and then requesting if I can use some of your pics on my powerpoint presentation on PNG. I am a full time student residing in the Northern Territory in Australia studying Tourism. I am also from PNG, from Lae, 'Morobeen's the one to eat man!' [Remember that biscuit add from the 70's?]

Anyway I do not have any pics on PNG that I can use in my powerpoint and have to rely on other sources such as the web site, etc. I know though that I would have to request permission from the owners of the photos, etc. This section in my presentation is for the Different faces of PNG, as you all know we are a nation of diverse race and culture. Should I be granted permission to use the pics from this web site I will in turn forward to whoever a copy of my powerpoint presentation so you can see exactly what I had done to the pic.

If you can email me back your reply please.


'Size Or Wopa Biscuit'

PS Congratulation to Hagan Man
Darwin NT
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