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Reply from MEG TAYLOR received this morning

Dear Mr.Nalu,

I wish to endorse the comments by Mr Popoitai and would like to go a step back in terms of initial contact. There has to be coordination between the Dept of Foreign Affairs and TPA.

When a potential visitor calls and Embassy or a Consulate for a VISA she/he does not want to get the runaround nor be treated with contempt. I have been told by my daughter that when she phoned our then consulate in Sydney to get a visa for a friend who was coming to have Christmas with us in Goroka that she was treated most rudely. When she said who's daughter she was the officer said...Oh mi ting you missus ya!!! That says it all.

PNG has to seriously think through a Tourism policy and make a decision as to whether it wants visitors and then go out and conduct a major education program on what it means to have a tourist industry. I hate to say it, but all the newsletters in the world rehashing the news of the region is not the way to go.

I do not need to read about the Bali bombings in TPA newsletter .I want to know the PNG story.I want to be excited and I want to send the newsletter with lots of beautiful pictures to all my colleagues and friends that ask me about my country as a destination to go to for a holiday.

You have to focus on marketing PNG and that is a newsletter telling the PNG story,creating a place to discover. A place where you are welcome. Mr.Popoitaios comments on arrival are so true. The attitude is shown all over the faces of staff.(and again it is Foreign Affairs).

I often watch how foreigners are treated.I am always welcomed home but I feel embarrassed for visitors.Such contempt. It amazes me that we get any visitors. But I know that once people get through the airport they have a great time in PNG.

Now as for Customs I must say that i had the most impressive interchange with Customs on my visit home in September. They could not have been more polite and I thought someone has been working on their public relations. I know Benny travels in and out more then I do so things must have changed.

I hope you will take my comments with goodwill. We are all Ambassadors where ever we are and PNG is our destination.One that we want to share. It needs everyone to promote our country and Foreign Affairs is the first point of contact.

Thanks for listening,

Bye the way PNG was mentioned four times on the Today Show NBC this morning. It was in relation to Veterans Day. However millions of viewers watch this program every morning.,and the pronunciation of Papua was the best I have heard here.

Meg Taylor
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