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I received an email from Malum today saying that he could not fly to Wewak on either Saturday or Sunday to attend the Bamboo Festival because the flight was over booked and he had been off loaded. He was planning on trying again today, so as at the time of writing I can only assume he got away.

Firstly, here is a person from TPA trying to 'promote tourism' and trying his best to write a story to ensure more people would have the 'desire' to visit Wewak for whatever reason, ie surfing, business or otherwise and he cant even get on a flight !

My reply to Malum was that Air Niugini could have put him perhaps on the jump seat to make sure he reached his destination in time for the special event on the tourism calendar.

Can you imagine a tourist in the same situation ? Absolute panic...where would they stay....could they re book their flight etc etc - the mind boggles !

I was also involved recently in delivering a document to the Gateway Hotel for a client arriving from Madang. The client arrived but even though he had booked a room, on arrival found there was no room assigned to him and that he would have to look elsewhere.

At the time I was talking to him, I could hear angry tourists in the background pleading for accommodation as they had confirmed package holiday bookings but were being turned away from the Hotel saying they were over booked.

Doesnt this send out the wrong messages to tourists who at 6pm at night in a strange country, suddenly find themselves pleading and having to phone around to try and find alternative accommodation. Do you think they will be BACK ? ? I doubt it ! Even the businessman in question would hesitate to book into the hotel again...why...because he had his passport delivered to the hotel along with our envelope and nothing could be found upon his arrival at the hotel. Fortunately we were able to quote a persons name and the envelope was found, but we really have to do something to ensure this kind of thing does not happen again and staff have to be trained to be more responsible.
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