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To be able to export to markets in Australia and New Zealand, we must hagve a reliable production base and consistency in supplying these markets.

"For example, taro, how many can you supply each month ?"

Mr. Siva said transport costs are so high that locally produced vegetables are very expensive.

"Marketing is another major problem, he said."

He said the food crop sector suffers from variable product quality, high posts harvest loses, limited extension services and an inadequate transportation and distribution network and disruptions caused by law and order problems.

Mr. Siva said the marketing of additional staple crops is adversely affected by their own low value to weight ration and high perishability.

Animal Production

Animal or livestock production is important to food security in two ways.

Firstly, it provides an essential source of protein. Secondly, it is becoming increasingly important as a source of income for people in rural and peri-urban areas.

There is a need for further research to develop information packages that are relevant to small-scale producers and to engage as many farmers in participatory research processes as possible.

There is also a lack of on information concerning levels of armer adoption, numbers and performance of village livestock.

Although PNG has a huge potential for livestock production, it will continue to depend on imported meats because the country is not producing enough, and it is currently cheaper to import meat.

Lamb flaps, for example, according to Mr. Siva are pet food in other countries but we consume it here because it is the most affordable for most Papua New Guinea familites.

He said introduction of sheep in the highlands did not work due to many factors including unsuitable climatic conditions.

Pigs are not only important to PNG's food security. They are a valued commodity of exchange in many parts of the country.
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