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The Sinestran Kill:
The Sinestran Kill is the season 8 opener of The Fourth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish.

Introducing Jane Slavin as new companion Ann Kelso, a policewoman that the Doctor meets in 1978.

Guest stars Frank Skinner and Glynis Barber.

Skinner was in the Twelfth Doctor TV episode Mummy on the Orient Express playing Perkins.

In The Sinestran Kill, he plays Chief Inspector Neilson and it is funny when the Doctor kept saying Inspector before being corrected by Neilson that it is Chief Inspector.

Barber had played Soolin in Blake's 7. In fact she is the last regular cast member of the Blake's 7 TV series to enter the Whoniverse when she was cast in The Sinestran Kill.

In The Sinestran Kill she played Kathy and her surname, whether it is by coincidence or design, is Blake!

Written by Andrew Smith. Smith is an ex-cop and he used this experience to good use here as the police led by Chief Inspector Neilson play a contributing part to the story.

The Sinestran Kill is a very good introductory story for Ann, a story that involved alien witness protection with the Sinestrans a very good menace of this story.

Interesting parts of this story included the Doctor preempted by Neilson in saying what UNIT stands for. This issue was addressed in UNIT's first NuWho story The Sontaran Strategem/The Poison Sky.

The same TV story introduces the cordolaine signal and is incorporated into The Sinestran Kill.
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