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3 x 5 - Mission to the Unknown Recreation:

This is the 2019 remake of Mission to the Unknown by students at the University of Central Lancashire.
This was sanctioned by the BBC and made its debut on the Doctor Who Youtube channel on October 9 2019, exactly 54 years after the airing of the original episode in 1965 which sadly has since been wiped out hence this recreation.
Introduced by original Marc Cory actor Edward de Souza and Dalek voice Nick Briggs does Dalek duties here.
To make this recreation authentic this remake is presented in black and white just like the original episode.
Mission to the Unknown is notable for the absence of the Doctor of the day, in this case William Hartnell, although he is still credited in the end credits and is credited here also in the remake.
This is a superb remake with Marc Cory the hero of this episode and the menace that are the Vargas as well as the Daleks.
Haunting start with Garvey saying that he must killed as a result being infected by the Varga plant.
Fun reference to James Bond with Cory revealing that he is from the Space Secutiry Service leading to remark "Licence To Kill".
Horrifying Garvey's transformation into a Varga.
Very ominous the start of the Great Alliance led by the Daleks with Earth being their first target.
In hindsight it was obvious that Cory and Lowery wasn't going to survive through this as it was a very effective way to tie this in to The Daleks Master Plan.
Nevertheless Cory did make for a very good stand-in hero in absence of the Doctor.

Creepy message in the end credits that the Daleks will return.
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