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Strengthening the structures right

Nicely put, Jonsmith. This weeks paper highlighted a few things the new government needs to address in order to drive PNG forward. Buildings, bridges, whaves etc, need solid foundation to stand. For a country to grow and move forth and be reckoned among the best, foundations of growth need to be strenghtened. Currently the fabric of PNG society and the government machinery is riddled with corruption and is eating away the fabric/foundations of the society.

You dont have to have a PHD in economics to inform someone of the need to strenghten and support the agrciculture sector to grow because almost 85 percent of the population depends on it. With better roads, bridges, schools, aidposts and other government services, the agriculture sector can grow and sustain a lot of our rural people. I have driven around most of the provinces of the country and you need a 4-wheel drive to take you to places where the real Papua New Guineans live. The hype about the LNG project, and the mines is something that will be short-lived, but, the actual base for sustained growth for the PNG economy is the agriculture sector.

Too much politics have hindered the growth of the agriculture sector and has remain stagnanted over the years. Most of PNG's foreign exchange earnings are generated from the agriculture sector and it has contributed immensely to the 85% of PNG's population.

A lot of countries economic growth have been successfully driven by the agricultural sector, such as Vietnam. PNG is immensely blessed with natural resources but, we can not manage them well resulting in lots of corruption. The Logging industry has a fair share of corruption and has not been fixed, it still is riddled with transfer pricing, illegal under the counter deals, etc.

When PNG nationals who are tasked with big responsibilities of secretaries, managing directors, CEO, etc start to be patriotic about their particular organisation, will PNG start to move forward, otherwise we will be like ostriches who stuck their head in the mud trying to escape from its attacker without realising its rear-end sticking out for a clear shot.

Resources allocations havent reached the greater poor in the provinces, villages and towns of PNG, as a result, PNG is expaning one-sided. When there is no balance, one-sided growths lead to a fall towards the fatter side, no wonder we see a lot of squatters in the cities. People flocking into the cities to get better services.
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