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Pls help me to help PNG
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It is important that the web site be current if it is not to fade away like so many other web sites have. To this end I hope that the address list, message board, links to the PNG media and other items of common interest and the gradual accretion of photographs and memorabilia will prevent this from happening and will give cause for re-visits.

In relation to photographs and memorabilia, all contributions will be appreciated, if you don't have the capacity to scan and forward information and photos to me then post the items to me and I will scan them, I have the equipment. I will try turn the information around as quickly as possible however I can't guarantee the certainty or security of our postal system in terms of losses, all care will be taken but no responsibility.

  • advise me if you prefer not to be on the address list.
  • check you details and advise me of any amendments to your listing including personal email address.
  • check your own address book and advise me of any other kiap address/email listings that we don't have.
  • send in contributions if you have any e.g. a piece of classic correspondence, pictures, stories.
  • post any scuttlebutt or matters of interest on the message board.
  • advise me of ex-kiap web sites for posting in our Links page.

I am a facetious, sarcastic, cynical bastard and tired of being PC and this will show in some of my comments so apologies to those who may take offence but there is a remedy in the following paragraph.

At this stage I'm footing the bill for the domain name and site hosting but I can afford it and consider it as a hobby and a "labour of love". I also consider this as "our" site and not "mine", this means that I am open to consensual or majority opinion (by ex-kiaps) in the direction that the site should take after I've had time to have a little sulk.

At this stage I would suggest that the best way to achieve this would be through the sites' forum (message/discussion) board). I suppose that in the long run that the site will be inherited by the last computer literate, willing and interested ex-kiap standing who hasn't been blessed by "old timer's" disease.


Peter Salmon
PO Box 740
Springwood. QLD 4127

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