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I include the following incident to clear up any misunderstanding of an event that people might remember that took place one Saturday matinee afternoon.

I had just begun the Afternoon Matinee Session when for no reason at all, the sound from the No. 1 Amplifier (there were two of them powered by bottles that glow in the dark, valves) went to very low volume.

I turned up the volume to full boost without effect.

I switched to the second amplifier, there was no improvement.

I rang the office below, the boss was away, the show had to go on, no amount of twiddling or banging the panel would fix it.

I was not authorised to dismantle any equipment.

Wouldnt you know it, two hours later, at the very last reel of film, there was a click, and a ball bearing popped out of the master volume switch, the sound screeched up to full volume, so I just adjusted it back to normal.

I felt sorry for the audience.

They may have thought I had made them suffer, but it was accidental.

I have never forgotten this incident!

The old Lae Post Office area :
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