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The next day we walked from Efogi 1 to Menari which was quite a distance but worth it. We climbed a mountain first; at the top of it, we could see the whole Efogi village. We continued climbing until we got to Brigade hill were we stopped, to view the great scenery from the top. The view was fabulous because we could see everything from the top. On our way down, we dumped into another group of trekkers, from Kokoda Trail Trekking Limited. But they were going the opposite direction; most of them were, under the age of 17, strong and young, keen trekkers.

Although, it was just 10:35 am, it looked as if it was passed midday. The sun was shining and the place was so hot. We were almost to our sixth camp site, Menari. We didnít have lunch along the way, because it was too early to have lunch, besides, the camping area was not far. But I was starving, my whole body was weak and I couldnít even lift one leg up to follow the others. Rod was beside me the whole time; he was really supportive, he encouraged me and made me focus on my walk, until I reached the camp site. I guess? Maybe it's because, I didn't eat much during breakfast, before walking. So as a result, the climbing and walking, definitely consumed most of my energy. When we got to Menari, the villagers brought fruits for us to eat, they were very nice. One of the girl even, let us use her line to hang our wet clothes, after washing.

That evening, Tom (Jnr) and I walked around the village giving balloons and lollies to the kids in the village, it was fun and enjoyable. But at the same time, it was the villagers Sabbath day, and the place was quiet, and there werenít many children around, because most of them had gone to church. The place was getting darker, and Salvador, one of the food porters, came looking for us. It was our dinner time. When we got back to the camp sight, everyone had already eaten. Ilyana served my food and left it on the side, so that when I got back, Iíll just eat my meal, someone did the same for Tom.

The night was spectacular with the full moon; the whole village was brightly lit up with the moon light. After meal, Ilyana, Scott, James, Nathan and I went into the house cook to sit around the fire. There we talked about so many things, Ilyana and I asked Scott, about, work and Rugby League. It was nice; the guys came up with an idea that Ilyana and I would teach them Pidgin. It was funny too, because most words, they didnít pronounce well and we had to say a word bit by bit, until they got them right. But it was cool, they did very well. After that everyone took an early nap, but not for Tom, Mark, Ilyana and I, we decided to sit around the fire for a little while, before going off to sleep. This time it was outside the house cook, it was great though, we talked about everything and anything, they shared things about themselves and their side of the country and we did the same, until we came short of stories to tell. Meaning we were beginning to feel sleepy. So we all went to bed.

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The Polley family up at Brigade Hill
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