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On the forth day, the track was getting pretty hard, these time it was more about climbing mountains and hills and I mean BIG mountains. The track was as usual slippery, but not too muddy, just that there where still alot of roots coming out of the ground and like I said the roots were much more slippery. We had to climb two mountains, you can say two is just two, but to go over 8 falls peak for one mountain, mahn!! That is like climbing 8 mountains, and its really hard and tough.
Walking up the first mountain was never ending, we made a stop up at Templeton's Crossing 2, had some rest, and awhile later we moved on to Templeton's Crossing 1, there we had lunch. Templeton's 1 and 2 were part of the first mountain, so we haven't touched the second mountain yet. Both my thighs and calf mussels hurt, but I didnt want that to get in my way, and bother me with my walk, so I paid no attention to it.

After lunch, we all headed up to the top of Mt Bellamy, the second mountain, and the highest mountain of the whole trail. Mt Bellamy was steep and there where alot of turns to do, like zig zagging.
Because it was a nice sunny weather that day, the ground around that area was strong so it was a bit easier to climb up.
I always thought that climbing up hill was hard, but I was wrong, going down is even harder. You put all the pressure on your knees and let it carry the whole weight of your body and thats just too much. I dont know about everybody else, but thats how I felt.
When we got to the top, we wasted no time but continued on to our next destination, and that was to go down to Myola Junction. And that was where i felt all the pressure on my knees, geezz... it was soooo painful, and to make it worse, I twised my right ankle for the first time. There were alot of tree roots along that path, so we had to be extra careful how we maneuver downward and what we step on. I guess, I wasnt looking at where I was going, well it served me right. Because of me Eric, Ilyana and I were the last ones to reach our campsite, Tin Roof, or better known as Myola Junction. That night I was so tired after doing a lot of climbing, so I took an early nap straight after dinner.

Tin-roof or better known as Myola Junction
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