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Rise and shine we were up and bright the next morning. We had pan cake, peas and Ox & Plam fro breakfast...ummm yummy! And as usual a nice cup of coffee to go with, it was splendid.

Weather looked ok with no rain, although, the clouds above our heads were dominated with dark clouds which did not look pleasing. After breakfast, we headed out for our third day walk, along the way the porters sang so many songs in all different languages, but mostly from the Oro Kaiva area. I didnt really know or understand what they really meant, but I liked the tune of the song. Although, we came through some rough ends, the track wasn't that bad, only it was slippery though.

Before I knew it we where in Alola, it probably took 2 us two hours to get there after leaving the Battlefield.
There at Alola, the villages brought some bananas and mandarines to eat, there was alot, so we all had full tummys before heading out again. We were on our way down a hill, when all of a sudden I slipped and almost went over, but lucky for me Nathan Keen was there, and he grabbed hold of me, the minute I slipped down.

The trail was mostly descending at this time, and alot of creek crossings, the creeks water was beautiful, the water came down from the mountains, so tasted really good, like water in a deep freezer.

At a point of time, I was leading the way dwon a path, when I came across a snake lying right in the middle of the track, with it's head in the bushes and the whole body right on the path. Gosh.... it was scary, I didnt know whether it was dead or alive, all I know is that, that thing is lying there and hell no am I going to go over it like that.
All I did was came to a full stop, and started moving backwards and kept saying, "OH MY GOSH!!! ****....****....****....SNAKE!!! Tom, Rod, Mark and Ilyana didnt know why I was moving back, so Tom had move up front and asked what was wrong and I said there's a snake, snake on the path way, he quickly told Ilyana and I to move behind so that Rod would check it out before we moved on. Mark pulled me up to the rock he was standing on, to see if the snake was dead or alive, but to my surprise the snake was already dead.

Along the way, I could feel drops of showers on me, not big ones just tiny drops. I new then, that we were ecpecting something much more bigger then that, the clouds above our heads grew darker, it made the day look as though it was 5:30pm or 6pm in the afternoon, although it was only 11am or 11:30am that morning.

When we were almost near Iora creek, the rain came like nothing can stop it, it just dropped heavy, and we could hear the river current from top of the mountain, just running wild. Indeed it was, when we got to Iora creek, the once know as Iora creek looked like a raging storm angry river, moving faster then ever and the water level just rised all the way to the foot-path.
Iora was where our next camp site was, but on the other side and in order to get there, we have to cross the creek. We had come along way by now, and we were all straving, the amazing thing was, the porters knew that, so they quickly prepared our lunch and in no time, we had lunch.
While we were eating the porters and guide worked on making a new bridge for us to cross, because the previous one had been swept away by the fast flowing water. It was quite scary and partly dangerous, but the porters were amazing, and very much skillful, they went out of their way just to make a bridge and get us all safely across, in such a weather and in a fast flowing water. And that is what I call true Fuzzy Wazzy Angels.

I was amazed to see how fast the bridge was made, and how the porters arranged themselves along the bridge, it was unbelieveable or just incredible.
We were assisted by our porters at all corners, of the bridge, so I felt really safe and I knew that these guys were going to take good care of us, no matter what.
When we all got to the other side, we climbed the last mountain and WA..LA..we where at the campsite. The ground was wet and muddy, so we quickly set our tents.
I didnt really enjoy the weather that night, but certainly enjoyed Michaela and James company.

Iora Creek
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