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Thanks for the response. It's kind of an interesting situation. His father was a battalion commander in the 126th Regt., 32nd Division US. (Cptn. W. F. Boice). There are about two dozen references to him and his unit in a couple of the army's campaign history books. He was actually the 3rd battalion commander in several days. The others having been killed or wounded. Using reference research we have been able to pinpoint were he was killed within about 25-50 yards. Fortunatly there are several terrian landmarks that may still be there unless the area has been heavily developed. However of course, finding a location on a map vs finding it in the bush are two very different things no matter what landmarks you have. For what it may be worth, during the campaign the Australians went over the Owen Stanley's to the left. In the infinate wisdom of our military commander at the time, the US decided to try and send the 32nd Division overland to the right. You probably know the terrian. As luck (bad or good I'm not sure) would have it, Cptn. Boice led the pathfinder detachment to scout out the trail (the name escapes me right now) over the Owen Stanley's at that point. His letters home make an interesting journal of that recon. After the divisons trek accross the mountain range he was killed leading the attack on the "Triangle". It was something of a hinge position necessary to close the Japanese retreat rout from Buna Mission. The Buna Mission was the first step in getting to the Japanese airfields further southeast. Up to that point I think most all of the allied soldiers got there on foot.

Please feel at liberty to discuss with your friend. The helo is a very interesting alternative but I fear may be to expensive. We had wondered about a seaplane since his father was killed only about 700 yards from the coast. Perhaps your friend may have other thoughts as well. I think they are looking at about the end of August. Feel free as well to have your friend contact us by email if he wishes. My address is
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