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Thirdly, I applaud Charlie Lynn’s efforts to establish the Kokoda Memorial Foundation and having a very high profile person to serve as members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. The Foundation intends to offer educational scholarships to children from villages along the Kokoda Trail, and to seek help from Australia to refurbish classrooms and boarding facilities, and school supplies, and to develop the Kokoda Trail as a “memorial park.”

But I view Charlie Lynn’s efforts as a propaganda for helping only the Koiari schoolchildren and the Koiari people, and not the Orokaivan children and people. Charlie Lynn is making a big name for himself and generating millions and millions of kina from money raised in Australia while promoting Kokoda Trail. Charlie Lynn has a personal interest to pay a “lip service” to the Koiari people, and NOT the Kokoda people. Kokoda and the Kokoda Trail are NOT the Koiari so Charlie Lynn, do not promote Kokoda Trail using Koiari for your self-interests.

Kokoda is a district in the Northern Province which is governed by Kokoda Local Level Government with 24 wards representing a total population of 18,000 people. Kokoda District has 16 community and primary schools, and one vocational centre. Schoolchildren from these schools will miss out from the educational scholarships offered by the Foundation because Charlie Lynn is using this Foundation for his commercial and political interests, and because he is only helping the Koiari people.
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