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I wasn't in Morobe during the 1980s-1990s so I am not in a position to defend Utula but the point I was making was that the scars of Colonial rule has shaped and influenced what Utula Samana was. Our new PNG and Australian generations will not understand because they have not lived the experienced that we and our fore fathers have endured under Colonial Rule. One such rule was native men would be hanged if they are found to have sexual relations with a white women (not necessarily by force). Marriage to a white women was a crime! Speaking your mother tongue in class was prohibited; dam! you get canned 10 times for uttering a single world of your tokples. Sir Maori Kiki (first former Deputy Prime Minister [1975] showed me a scar on his left chest, caused by a splashed of hot tea on him because an Australian colonialist was infuriated with Maori for not making his tea sweet enough. He was never been punished! How could he? He and his group were considered superior in color, in intelligence, in language and everything that looks pale ....and I have hundreds of examples...Does this make Australian's exempted from such cruelty? No!! Indonesians have their own form of cruelty with West Papuans. Chinese have their own cruelty with Tibetians. Be your own judges. But the point I am making is that Utula Samana was shaped by these injustices done to him and his people. His political discourse was based on his lived experiences in the Colonial era. Nelson Mandela did the opposite. He forgave. Secondly, Utula is dead, and dead people can't defend themselves. Pissing on his grave would be condoning racism, colonialism and the ugly past which helped shaped our contemporary world. Look at PNG today, what did you see?

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