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Samana - A Great Moroabean - You must be kidding !!!

When the history of PNG is written, the name Utula Samana will probably evoke a dishonourable mention. The guy was a corrupt, racist prick. In an earlier post, I was very coy about using his words for dealing with expats. In fact, he said that morobeans should be free to rob and steal from expats and rape their wives. How a guy like him, who uttered these venomous words could be appointed to the UN is absolutely beyond belief - but he indeed was. It just shows was a hypocrit he was and what an ineffective body the UN really is.

In regard to his experiences under colonialist rule, Australia was essentially a benevolent colonialist power that ceded independence to PNG on very generous terms. If you want to see how a colonialist power exploits a land and its native people, then just look across your land border with Indonesia and view what has happened to West Papuans in their own land. They have been almost completely disposessed from their traditional lands. And what did Utula have to say about the colonial experience in West Papua - wdell not much. The guy was an absolute prick.

If anyone knows where Utula was interned, please post his burial site here. As a final salute to him, I would like to go there and piss on his grave !!

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I heard Utula died a few years ago??? He was a nationalist - a background we had growing up under Colonial Rule!!. Peoples attitudes and beliefs are shaped by their environment and Utula was one...a great Morobean...I kmow him well

I am a Morobean of his time.

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