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Hi San.

I find it incredible that 40 years on people are still contacting and remembering each other. All I have read so far is how everyone has such fond memories of Igam, including me.

I must admit, I cant actually remember you, and yes I was in the scouts, so we probably did know each other. As you say, the memories are becoming dim, but several still remain.

It was such an idyllic childhood there, kids of today have no idea that we could have so much enjoyment from such simple things. I am glad I stumbled across this page and will continue to monitor it.

I was trolling Facebook last year and came across all my old High School friends and now we are having a 40th reunion later in the year. Being Army brats like we were, we never really made any live long friends, being uprooted every few years and being dragged from pillar to post. I have never been able to get the travel bug out of my system and cant settle in any place or job for more that a few years.

Currently I am in the Solomon Islands, cant get much closer to PNG.

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