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Igam Barracks Posts

Hi Grant
When I started the thread quite a number of years ago I had also just stumbled onto the forum with memories of Lae. As I could not find any Igam posts I asked a question...Probably Facebook would be the place to go now and if I can overcome my apathy I might create a page although there is an "I used to Live in PNG" or something like that page with some stuff on it. This thread remains the closest link though to Igam. So great that people are still contributing memories to it.

I vaguely remember you (were you in Scouts?) - my memory is not as good as it used to be although a picture paints a thousand words as they say... pretty sure I have posted a few photos of the Lauw's of Igam so no guessing who we are. Pretty sure I have some pictures of a Cubs/Scouts walk in Lae.

So any photos of those days would be great (invitation to Kerry too!). Like others fate dealt a great hand when Dad was posted to Igam as the memories are really very hard to beat of growing up in what was an idyllic existence. I still bore my children to death with stories of Igam; the bus ride to Lae High, escaping primary school to creek, playing in the jungle, long bike rides wherever the wheels would take us, of course the Theatre and the canteen, playing British bulldog across from the Ottways place and much more.

San Lauw
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