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Jacob I'm not entirely sure that those who have difficulty in accessing condoms due to geographic isolation would be able to jump on to the computer and buy them over the internet

That aside, it's true that condoms are not infallible despite what many people might think. There are a couple of issues related to their use:

1) People are not always reliable, and may forget or not be bothered to use the condom in the heat of the moment
2) Sometimes condoms may tear, or slip
3) Some people do not know how to use it properly
4) They remain expensive/inaccessible for some parts of the population
5) Social stigma associated with their use (i.e. promiscuity)
6) Vary widely in quality- a study of 50,000 condoms around the world showed 48% to be of poor or very poor quality

And I'm sure there are many others which aren't on that list. These considerations aside (assuming perfect use each and every time), there still exists a small but very real risk. An Italian study of 400 women with infected partners found that after a year:

1.2% always using condoms were infected overall
7.3% not using condoms were infected overall

So therefore, the only way to be absolutely sure of safe sex if to Abstain. Of course this isn't always possible in reality, so if one must have sex ideally it should be with one partner who is mutually faithful and with a condom if possible.

This info I got from a book called "The truth about AIDS- and a practical Christian response" by Dr. Patrick Dixon, though he didn't provide the exact references for the studies in question. I think it would be well worth a read regardless of your religious affiliation as it deals with the issue in a really well thought out and logical way.
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