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The Islands of Love

KITAVA is one of the many islands to the east, off Kiriwina, the heartland of Trobriand Islands. As you approach it, the coral cliffs will remind you of the white cliffs of Dover. The trouble is, as you try to see if they really are scars on a cliff face or they might be gaps between the foliage, you find yourself stepping on to the beach, and the cliffs are not visible anymore.

When you begin to make a 20 degree climb, you realise that there are hills on the island and what you see coming in might be cliffs after all. You got to have good eyesight to travel in the tropic seas because many different colours are at work.

But apart from what you expect ot see, and what catches your attention, this is the first magic of Kitava. Once you reach the beach, it is hard to leave. Beautiful Nuratu Island, which means big yam in loca lingo, lies within swimming distance. Uninhabited, the round yam is surrrounded by white sand with coconut palms decorating the centre.

Somehow it reminded me of a giant birthday cake. But it is here that the Melanesian Discoverer or the World Discoverer stops by. A barbeque lunch on Nuratu and a glass of wine would sink really well. It is the kind of setting for an advdertisement which carry the picture of a mermaid with a flower stuck in the hair and enjoying a cocktail on glorious white sand.

Arriving on a cruise ship in a tropical paradise gives you an alien feeling, and you don't have to be a Russian to experience the sensation. that is our second magic of Kitava.

What astounds me is that the Trobriand Islands have been known for more than 500 years since the 17th century, but the spells are just as strong today to draw people from all over the world to see these pearls of the Pacific, the islands of many coloured dreams:

Milne Bay Sing Sing Group
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