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New Mentality

A poignant view comes from an old man from Tangu in the Bogia District of Madang.

He said that in his time, young men had very good relationships with each other. They helped each other in building houses, going fishing and hunting.

“The young men of today have a totally different life style. They do things their way. They want to be independent and make their own decisions. They have this common mentality ‘survival of the fittest’, which is very bad. They only help each other when they want to drink alcohol, smoke and get involved in criminal activities,”

However, people in his village still teach their children traditional customs and beliefs, he said.

“Taim mol stap long taun, em wok blong ol tisa long skulim ol, na taim bilong malolo na ol I kam long peles em wok bilong mipela ol lapun long lainim ol long pasin bilong peles,” he explained.

“Pasin bilong peles save lainim ol man long gutpela sindaun blong ol na ol narapela.”

“”When they go to town, they are taught by teachers about the modern world, but when they return to the village it is the old people like me that teach them the traditional way of life.”)

Kundi Simba is from East Sepik province. He works as a driver. “Bipo ol papa bilong mipela I save skulim mipela long kamap gutpela man bihain,” he said.

He recalled the days when his father would teach him canoe making, building houses and doing craft work such as carving out animals and people from trees.

The boys learnt skills from their fathers.

“Nau kainkain samting bilong ol wait man I paulim tingting bilong ol yangpela man,” he said.

“Ol mangi I lainim pasin bilong bagarapim man long television, redio na megezin,” he said.

(“Young men are influenced by television, radio and magazines. They learn how to hurt people through these things.”)

He said development must happen, but we must keep the old ways alive in our hearts.

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