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Doctor Who and the Time War:

Doctor Who and the Time War is a short story written by former showrunner Russell T. Davies and released on March 26 2020, the 15th anniversary of NuWho.
NuWho started with Rose written by Davies and this short story is a prequel to it.
Davies says that this was not meant to exist as he originally wrote this for the 50th anniversary in 2013.
Davies had been asked by then DWM editor Tom Spilsbury if he could provide a story for DWM in celebration of the said anniversary, most specifically to finally explain why the Eighth Doctor regenerated into the Ninth.
Davies agreed and Spilsbury then had to run past then showrunner and Davies' successor Steven Moffat.
Davies' story was shelved for DWM as the upcoming The Night of the Doctor revealed the Eighth Doctor had regenerated into the War, not the Ninth, Doctor.
Doctor Who and the Time War comes back for the said 15th anniversary and for the Lockdown.
Davies described it being a "glimpse of parallel events" as he finally provides his explanation of why the Eighth Doctor regenerated.
Fascinating little story as it has the Eighth Doctor at the last stages of the Time War and
with him using the Moment to end it.
Then of course comes that inevitability and why the Ninth Doctor says that he was 900 years old in the TV series.
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