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Charlotte Pollard: The Shadow at the Edge of the World:
The Shadow at the Edge of the World is the second episode of Charlotte Pollard season 1.
Written by Jonathan Barnes.
The Edge of the World is a reference to Scotland.
Intriguing episode as Charley found herself in a forest and joins a group of women led by Mrs Turnerman (Jacqueline King) in finding a way out of it.
The menace they are facing here are the Slaverings.
From Charley's description, the Slaverings are "cross between a silver-backed gorilla and Mr. Hyde."
The Slaverings are sure menacing and what are lead-up this serves to the arrival of the Viyrans in this episode.
The Viyrans' reaction to Charley was certainly surprising.
This episode also served well by Jacqueline King as the unhinged Mrs Turnerman.
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