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UNIT: Silenced: House of Silents:
House of Silents is the opener of Silenced, the third UNIT season.
Written by Matt Fitton.
As indicated in the umbrella title, the third season is about the Silence.
Interesting how UNIT starts their encounter with the Silence as they investigate an old woman who lives in the said house where the Silents reside.
With no Doctor around to explain who the Silence are, UNIT found themselves with a new enemy they have no idea what they are like and how to handle them.
Interesting how UNIT's handled this initial encounter of the Silence.
Curious that there's is one thing that Kate got wrong about the Silence and that they are not murderers.
The Silence does have the ability to murder and here it is demonstrated in relation to the said house.
A very spooky start to this battle between UNIT and Silence and a very good recreation of the Silence by Big Finish.
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