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Smile I was there in 1977

Originally Posted by aussie
Just ten minutes walk from Buki Wharf, overlooking the beautiful Dregerhafen Harbour and its chain of islands, is the Dregerhafen High School Lodge. The backpacker facilities include 4 rooms with fans and one with airconditioning. Rooms are suitable for 2-3 people. Communal facilities are provided and the lounge room has a television set with the EMTV (local) channel only.

Visitors should bring their own food, as all cooking facilities are provided. The school vehicle can be arranged to take visitors to Gagidu Station and the popular Butaweng Falls for a cool swim and local boats can also be arranged for a tour of Tami Island and Malasiga.

Contact: P.O Box 126 Finscshhafen, Morobe Province.
Phone / Fax: 474 7050
I am delighted to find that Dreger Lodge, as we called it, is still open. I was a teacher at the school from 1976 to 1978. When I arrived, there were just the concrete floors laid for three, or was it four, huts. Mike Cooke, deputy head, had a portable chain-saw and produced timber from a tree that had come down near his house. Under the supervision of Tau Rabona (Headmaster), the boys and I, together with some other teachers, built the frames and lined the walls. I wonder if the septic tank survived: it was unorthodox, because the hole that had been dug was too big for the "kit" that we borrowed from the trade-store in Gagidu for concreting. Eventually the roofs were on and the electrics hooked up. There were no fans and certainly no air-conditioning in those days; and, of course, no televison, because PNG did not have it at that time. Ann Goldflam was the teacher in charge of tourist bookings, and we started to get an income for the school. This was badly needed to supplement the K100 school-fees that students paid.

I hope I'll come back one day and see it again.

Chris Moxley
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