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Maus Gras, well said re the issue of decriminalizing the act of prostitution. It is common knowledge that some women and some gay men, prostitute their bodies for cash, for survival iin this rough world..You have brought up the point on EMPOWERING women (and men). If one has to talk about this act of commercial sex, one has to provide the alternative solution for the women who engage in it. Alternative means of earning money standing up and not on their backs, which only gives them a bad reputation.
Commercial sex thrives overseas, PNG is PNG, we cannot compare cos our way of life is intrinsically woven by culture, traditions, customs, beliefs etc, and the idea of legalising brothels will not go down well with most. However, a good research, must be done to identify the reasons/factors and then come up with the most suitable solutions for alternate income for the sex workers, and only these people can say the "why, what, how, when" to provide insights into this age od ancient business.

Just my thoughts.
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