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Originally Posted by mavarik74:k-ave
Academic theories aside, deal directly with the wholesome issue of why people engage in prostitution. The topic needs more enlightened opinons on the matter.
This is a curious thing to say. Do you mean that academic theories are no good, academic theories don't put any light on a topic.

Where should we look for these "enlightened opinions" then. Maybe the Tarot cards or the tea leaves, lets slaughter a chicken or two and see what the entrails tell us.

People chose to engage in prostitution for one of three reasons.

1. They like sex.
2. It pays well.
3. Out of economic necessity.

When debating the "evils" of prostitution we forget that that a significant number of people, male and female, chose to work as prostitutes for the first two reasons. Some of the most influential people in history were the consorts of Kings and Queens, Generals and Presidents.

Apart from reminding you of this fact this is of course not what we are discussing here.

Most prostitution is carried out because the women have no choice. They work out of economic necessity.

You are right, the way to get these people out of prostitution is to give them a real choice. To provide a real alternative. This should be in the form of training in useful skills, advice and support to set up business activities and incentives

That should be the role of government and the aim of concerned people that genuinely want to help. Not wasting scarce govt resources chasing and gaoling people.

Banning prostitution takes away the only form of economic support they currently have. I fail to understand how the misguided goodie-two-shoes in society sees this as "helping" them
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