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Originally Posted by Fabian


Legalizing prostitution in PNG will only cause more problems. We have enough in our hands that we are unable to deal adequately at present. We should talk about redirecting energy and time to doing useful things that would develope the country and the people in a meaningful way.

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We need more debating here. Those with colorful ideas keep pouring in........


Legalising is a misnomer, what really is proposed is decriminalizing and regulating.

If you make something "illegal" then it costs money to enforce the law.

I agree PNG has enough problems as it is without wasting valuable police resources chasing women who are only trying to earn enough money to feed themselves and their families. Instead police should be our there catching real criminals.

If you make something "illegal" then if you do not enforce it properly it encourages corruption. Police will accept bribes to turn a blind eye to illegal brothels because they know that everyone privately accepts them anyway. That is not the sort of legal system or police force that PNG needs or can afford. Petty corruption like this then leads to bigger corruption on a systematic scale.

And yes .. I endorse whole heartedly that there should be more debate on this issue and similar and the ideas should be "pouring in".

The people that exchange and debate ideas in places like this chatline are incredibly important to the future of this country. Even if you are not a political leader you are an intellectual leader and ideas leader.

Good, passionate and robust debate of issues like this is essential to a healthy robust society and democratic nation. Keep the comments coming.
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