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Saw Psych 6.3 The Episode Sucks and the episode title refers to vampires as the episode is vampire-themed.
The episode has full of ties to other vampire shows and movies and Buffy got represented here by the casting of two Buffy alums that of the original Buffy herself Kristy Swanson (in the first of six appearances in the series) and Tom Lenk.
In the Buffy TV series Lenk played Andrew who at one time was the guestage of Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) at her house.
In the Psych episode he is a roommate of the other Buffy, Kristy Swanson. So not that much of difference between these two situations.

Whereas Kristy Swanson had been the originally Buffy who slayed Buffy, here in the Psych episode she is suspected of being a vampire or to be more precise committing vampire like attacks.
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