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Five years before she was the original Buffy, Kristy Swanson was in the 1987 big screen movie Flowers In The Attic playing Cathy.
Flowers In The Attic was based on a book and it was later adapted as a TV movie in 2014 in the first of a series of TV movies based on the book series that started with Flowers In The Attic.
In these TV movies Heather Graham played Corrine, Cathy’s mother and in the third of these TV movies If There Be Thorns, Corrine’s father and Cathy’s grandfather was played in flashbacks by Robert Moloney.

Robert Moloney was Professor Gryffen in K9 and Heather Graham was Judy Robinson in the Lost In Space movie.

So if planets had been aligned Buffy would have been the daughter of Judy Robinson and the granddaughter of Professor Gryffen!
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