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Conus textile
DISTRIBUTION: Tropical, sub-tropical seas
HABITAT: Coral reefs, rocky reefs, sand
Deadly venomous sting
SIZE: 120mm (5in)

REMARKS: During the day, the textile cone seeks hiding places beneatt) rocks or coral and generally burrows into sand under these objects. By homing in on scent, this cone tracks down other gastropods, usually choosing ones that have no operculum.

When close to the prey, it expands its long proboscis and tentatively explores the other shell. Upon contact with flesh a modified radular dart bearing venom is shot into the prey, Later the dead animal becomes flaccid and is consumed by the cone.

PRECAUTIONS: Due to their distinctive markings, textile cones are very popular as keepsakes. All live cones are potentially dangerous -:; treat them that way even if they look empty.
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