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Birth Certificates Information

We are often asked for information in relation to obtaining Birth Certifcates for children born in Papua New Guinea.

Today I have come across my own children's birth certificates who were born at Angau Memorial Hospital, Lae in the late '70's.

Unless it has changed, the following is what is required if you wish to obtain a copy of your birth details:


This document can be obtained by writing to the Hospital where you were born, ie in my case 'Angau Memorial Hospital'.

However, whenever my children apply for a new passport the Australian authorities refuse to use this as a 'Birth Certificate', instead they insist on:


This document is obtained from the 'Registrar General's Office which is accompanied by:

AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP ACT 1948 or whichever consulate is applicable depending on what nationality your parents are as to which passport was required. In our case being Australians, we had to apply to the Australian Consulate here in Port Moresby.

This document is the one that the Australian authorities recognise as my children's actual 'Birth Certificate'.

As a parent I have kept numerous copies of these documents so that if my children ever needed the information, it was close at hand.

Goodluck to the reader on our site that wrote to us the other day saying how his certificates were stolen and that he needed to obtain fresh new documents urgently.

BTW, the address of the hospital in Lae is as follows:

P.O. BO 457
Papua New Guinea

Telephone: +675 472 1211

Consulate General's Office,
P.O. Box 2223

Telephone: +675 472 4324
Fax: +675 472 6430

If anyone else reading this, has by any chance gone through the process, please let us know how quick their service is and the time it took to receive documentation and the cost of doing so.

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