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No, never made it back but have seen a few photos. Some look good others just make you sad. I looked up our street on one occasion and found an article about a senseless murder taking place there a little time after the mutiny. Funny, they were such idyllic times back then. I dont remeber the exact date we arrived, I ask my parents next time I visit. I just remember my mother getting annoyed by someones assertion at being there before us. Must uphold the legacy.
Mrs Bishop presented us with an award for best garden. We had a blue couch lawn, a couple of cannas, a hibiscus and the houseboys garden. Never really understood it myself. I think she had a wicked sense of humour.
Ive met a few people from up that way. They dont have much thats positive to say I'm afraid. I will eventually go and see for myself.
I have a photo of you in your scout uniform. I'll dig it out if I can and load it up.
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