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Our Prefects

Sitting from left to right :

Helmet Pelgen, Simone Davies, David Collinson

Standing from left to right :

Moale Vagi, Tom Blacklock, Brenton Clark, Nicola Brereton, Patsy AIdan, Theo Pelgen

Earlier this year, ten students from Years 11 and 12 were elected prefects by the rest of the school. They were Patsy Aldan, Simone Davies, Valerie Kwan, Karen McCrea, Karen Kleinhauss.
Thomas Blacklock and Theo Pelgen of Year 11 and Helmut Pelgen, David Collinson and Brenton Clark of Year 12.

Since then, Karen McCrea and Valerie have resigned and their
places were taken by Nicola Brereton and Moale Vagi of Year 11.

According to the "Code of Behaviour". a prefect's duty is to
"handle matters of authority as determined by the Headmaster and Staff, and demonstrate the qualities of leadership,citizenship and
maturity encouraged in all students".

The job of a prefect includes supervision of Area Duty, the clearing of classrooms after 12.35pm, ensuring that order is kept in the playground during recess and lunchtime, as well as supervision of the library during lunchtime and after school.

We now have our detention system in the form of Corrective Tasks at lunchtime for minor offences. A prefect may award a C.T. as he or she thinks fit. However, we are pleased to note that the C.T.'s issued are few and far between.

Lastly, we would like to pay tribute to the prefects of 1977, 1978 and 1979, who helped to build the school (and prefect system) into what we have now.

They were (in alphabetical order): Sue Ball (78) Pam Busse(78) Simone Craswell (78.79). Bernice Faust (77), Fiona Gerard (77,78), Paul Hassall (77), Denise Hughes (79), Sally Inkpin (77), Norman Javier (78). Lee Jones (79), Chris Morgan (79), Jackie Noble (77), Jovanka Noble (79), Michael Noble (78). Jack Reents (77.78).

Philippa Wardlaw (79). Rodney Wilson (78) and any other prefect I may have forgotten. Of this year's prefects, Simone, Nicola, Karen McCrea, Helmut, Thopmas and Brenton were prefects in 1978 and / or 1979.
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