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The Radioactive Man (Big Finish):

Big Finish remake of the TV episode of the same name.
While the TV episode is the eighth episode of the series, the Big Finish remake is one place prior as the seventh episode overall and the penultimate episode of Volume 2.
The original episode was written by Fred Edge and adapted by Patrck Brawn and the Big Finish adaptation by John Dorney.
Brawn had died in 1980 but Edge was still alive when the Big Finish adaption was released in 2014 and died three years later in 2017.
Under the same title, Edge had earlier written the same story for the anthology series General Motors Theater (aka Encounter).
Sadly like the original Avengers episode, the General Motors namesake no longer exists.
Reading on this, Brawn reused the characters created by Edge and adding The Avengers characters in the mlx.
The Radioactive Man marked Edge's only contribution to The Avengers.
The title refers to a cleaner named Marko Ogrin who is also a political refugee.
As a cleaner, Marko works in a laboratory and one night a Doctor Graham (who just happened to be Keel's mentor) broke regulation and invited Marko in the laboratory for coffee as Doctor Graham was feeling anxious with his wife's impending birth of their child.
Unbeknownst to Doctor Graham until it was too late, Marko before he left had picked up an item that is in fact radioactive, hence the episode title episode title.
Efforts are then made to track down Marko with Doctor Graham asking Keel for help.
This problem is compounded when Marko learns that he is being hunted by the authorities but he does not know it was because of the item he took.
He avoids the authorities because he believes it was because of the forged password that he used to get in the UK.
The Radioactive Man mostly focuses on the episode title character and as this was originally a non-Avengers narrative, Keel has a minimal role, less so with Steed.
It is essentially the equivalent of a Doctor-lite episode for The Avengers.
Having said that the Big Finish adaption does feature Doctor Who luminaries Colin Baker and Richard Franklin.
The Radioactive Man is truly an enthralling episode with the race against time to track down Marko made all the more difficult by Marko wrongly believing what he was wanted for making him stay away from the authorities.

In a remarkable coincidence The Radioactive Man is also the name of a foe those other Avengers!
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