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luke pickford hey

Originally Posted by HitmanIRA
Hey Wendy

how are you, this is Luke Pickford,
its been a long time since i've been to Madang
i finished my schooling last year at Port Moresby International School and now i'm in Australia. but missing PNG

so hows madang, i met some people who i knew from madang international school last year at Port Moresby International School,
sharon kalana and jeremy aruai not sure if you remember them.

i wouldn't mind to get into contact with Ishmeal Natera i rememeber he used to be like my best friend at madang international school.

anyway great to hear from you, hope things are going well
catch you later

i attached some photo from my graduation last year, in case you don't remember who i am heheh.
Hey luke don't think you remember me my name's Soli we used to be in the same grade. Yeah i know jeremy Aruai his sister's anme is Carmel. You used to be in Palai, me in Trausel. So where do you go to school or where did you go to school. Where do you live now?
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