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Originally Posted by Maus Gras
You have made an exhaustive list of "evils" without any evidence to link them to brothels.

For example, just how will legalised brothels lead to increased child prostitution. In fact I put it to you that the exact opposite will happen.

Legalised brothels will be specially licensed and have to conform to strict regulations or lose their license. Among these license conditions will be regular health checks of the sex workers (reducing the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases), a minimum age limit for employment, proper and fair working conditions and payment, hours of opening, location of premises (away from schools and churches).

It is the unregulated and illegal sex industry where the bad practises of underage workers, poor hygiene, STD's and corruption of police flourish.

Just how for instance would legalised brothels lead to increased migration from villages into towns or break up marriages. Are you seriously suggesting hundreds or thousands of men will leave their villages just so they can pay for sex? The thought is laughable. And if married men are preferring to pay for sex with a stranger rather than with their wives I would suggest that there is already something wrong with the marriage.- if you actually stop to think about your "reasons" then they are clearly illogical.
Maus Gras: You seem to operate on "Seeing is Believing" approach. The are a lot of evidence in the developed countries. Get out of PNG and see it for yourself in smaller citys of developed countries. High school kids making money after school.

If such practice is happening in developed countries, how are you going to prevent it form happening in PNG? There is a strong corelation with such issue and black market bia outlets in PNG. Legalised brothels will not stop similar openning in settlements. In actual fact, the settlements will bloom faster than the Legalised ones. One does not to have to be a rocket scientist to work that out.

Look at all the child sex trade in Asia. Tell me if this will not be the case in PNG? In actual fact, what happens in Asia comes to PNG quickly. Food stalls along the road side, selling of clothes on the streets.

I respect your opinion to look at the different side of the story or getting revenue for the province, however such revenue making process can cause long-term social challenges. We like development and business oportunities, however, we don't seem to understand the socially issues that it causes. And when it does, we don't have an answer to resolve it.
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