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This is very true about PNG facing up to reality about what prostitution is doing and happening around us today especially in our towns such as Port Moresby, Lae, Mt Hagen, Rabaul and Madang. But regulating of prostitution is not going to solve this problem. There are many avenues to explore before resolving to legalisation of prostitution. Many of the developed countries that have regulated this industry are still trying to come up resolutions to stabilise this so call “adult entertainment centres”.

It’s true to protect people who are involved in the sex industry because they will fell inferior. To be able to do this the government has to work with human right activists and churches to come up with solutions to help this people off the street and back to their normal lives. Legalising prostitution is not the way to do this and its not going to help and protect the people involve in this trade. Remember that legalising prostitution will increase the number of drugs involve with this. Drugs and Prostitution are married and we have to think about this as well.

How can brothel be legalise to justify getting Youths of the streets. Youth’s issues are totally different issue from sex industry and this shouldn't go unchallenged? These are two different issues and should be address separately in dept details. Youths are lost people in societies and they need to have their voices heard! The Government has done nothing to help young Papua New Guineans to stand up and do things for themselves.

As stated by the article, regulating the sex industry will protect underage children not to be involve – It’s true but how about providing assistance to young people so they can be able to look after themselves than to go and sell their body for sex. If the government had sources that indicated that many illegal brothels are around in the country than do something about it!

This is my response to this article:


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