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Star Trek: Discovery – 2 x 9 - Project Daedalus:
On reflection I should have known that this would be Airiam’s swansong as we had a glimpse of her past history and we really didn’t get to know her beforehand.
Quite harsh when Admiral Cornwell says to Spock about Michael being her sister only for him to say not by blood.
Shocking that Section 31 Admiral who talked to Discovery turned out to have been dead for a couple of weeks.
Then comes the big shocker of Airiam being under Control and ultimately forcing Michael to eject Airiam out of the airlock.
This made me think of Katarina doing the same in The Daleks Master Plan.
While still on the subject of the deaths of Doctor Who companions, the end credits of Project Daedalus is played by the sound of sea waves marking the death of Airiam which I found to be akin to silence for the end credits of the concluding episode of Earthshock when companion Adric died.
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