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I have to agree that once you get off the road at Sogeri, the surrounding countryside is really quite beautiful.

Recently I went with our pick up vehicle to collect three Japanese trekkers who had walked the Kokoda Trail. It was my first time in all the years I had lived here that I got to go off the bitumen road.

The thing that has stuck in my mind however since then, is the people I saw walking back home to their villages hour after hour with huge loads on their shoulders...heads....bilums....etc Whole families who had been to Port Moresby for the day to shop.

I just couldnt believe what I was seeing in the year 2004. To think we live so close to these people yet so far away when you think of the vehicles one has to own to reach the people who live in this area. We had driven out in a four wheel drive vehicle and had struggled to reach Visilago Village (wrong spelling I am sure) but I am sure anyone from that area will know the area of Sogeri I am referring to. The road was absolutely TERRIBLE and something should be done about it.

But the rolling hills and countryside was a really great sight after being here in the confined houses of Port Moresby.
Gail Thomas
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