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Flightless Rail.... One of the World's Rarest Birds !

People in the Kikori area always know this bird. They have local language names for it. They also ate the eggs of this bird. What they didn't know was how special this bird is. It's one of the last flightless rails surviving in the world. not only that, the Kikori area is one of the best places to see the New Guinea Flightless Rail. Two hundred years ago, many island in the Pacific had their own special kind of flightless rail birds. But then Europeans brought rats and other animals to these islands. The rats ate all the eggs and today most of the world's flightless rails are gone for good. The Kikori people always did a great job of taking care of the Flightless Rail. Now that things are changing, will Kikori people do whatever is necessary to make sure this world class resource survives as something special for Kikori ?

It's all in the hands of the people of the Kikori Delta area.

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